Terms of Service

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1. Description of Services Provided

Paper-research.com is an online database of previously written documents, which are destined to assist students of the whole world with developing their own tasks. We are going to provide a login to accede to our written contents for which you are buying a membership. This site is simply set up for educational, informative, and entertainment ends. You can use Paper-research.com only with lawful ends.

2. Eligibility

To get a membership, you need to sign up. For this, become a member's quality, by providing (a) real (trustworthy), complete and updated information about yourself; (b) promise to abide with these policies and (c) a method of valid payment for any based services in terms of fees. You need to be legally able to sign contracts. We save ourselves the right to reject providing the service or to cancel the accounts of a specific user as well as modify the requirements of eligibility at any time. Only a single user is allowed to use a member's account.

3. Payments and Quotas

This is linked to any type of belonging based fees and the web-site's services that you could possibly contract with us.

TURNOVER You promise to pay all the fees and expenses, which you incur with subordination to the conditions of payment that will be shared by you in the moment to realize the respective purchase. Whenever you place an order with us, you need to opt for a method of payment. Every user needs to have authorization to use this payment system. In addition, you need to authorize us to proceed with the charge for the service by means of the selected method of payment.

RECURRING BILLING IS AUTOMATIC As stated by the supplier of contents of the site, the rates of subscription can be automatically renewed at the end of the original selected period, for a similar length of time, until a notification of the subscriber is received within seven (7) working days before the renewal. Until and only if the agreement ends due to concordance with the present terms, you authorize Paper-research.com to perform the payment with the chosen method, to afford the cost of the membership in process. For the present one, still it authorizes us to proceed with the method of payment chosen for all the purchases of services offered by the site.

REFUNDS Fees for subscription are non-refundable if you request to screen or finish your membership. A refund may be issued by us; such refunds will be credited according to the payment method that was used for the initial transaction. Note, that no refunds will be issued by check, cash or through any type of credit card or payment system.

4. Rights of property

Applications and content offered by Paper-research.com or through our site are fully copyrighted and protected by other laws of intellectual property and the agreements. It includes content of property or monitored by us, along with content of property monitored by third parties and with a license for us. We save ourselves all the rights not expressly granted to you.

5. We are not responsible for the contents provided by third parties

The content offered on Paper-research.com is provided "as is" by other people and is put to disposition for the investigation, of reference, with informative ends and of entertainment. This site is not responsible for the content or the materials that are developed, published or provided by third parties and by advertisers. We are not by any means responsible for the Internet content. We do not tolerate and take part in plagiarism or any other kind of fraud or academic dishonesty. We save ourselves the right to eliminate content from the site for any motive, but we do not make ourselves guilty for any fault or delay in the elimination of the above mentioned material.

6. Authorization of Use

Once you have a validated and activated membership, you are granted a single login to get access to the service and or material provided at Paper-research.com. This login is for a single user and only that specific individual should use that membership account. Memberships are strictly for personal use and cannot be used for any kind of commercial means or by any commercial entities. Unless we authorize commercial use of either the material or any type of found within, this is totally banned. There isn't any material within the site that can be transferred to any entity or person, despite its nature. If anything occurs, you will need to destroy any fraudulent material.

7. General conditions

These general terms constitute the complete agreement between you and Paper-research.com with regard to the use of this site. We can yield this contract, in everything or partly, at any time, with or without previous notice. You will not be able to yield this contract, or any part of it, to any other individual. If any disposition of this Agreement is considered to be inapplicable or invalid, the left dispositions will continue to be valid and applicable. If a court determines that any part of this Agreement is invalid or unfeasible, but that, on having limited the above mentioned disposition would become valid, the above mentioned disposition at the time will be considered to be written, interpreted and executed inside these limitations.