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«You go back to the creation of organized sports in the United States before the Civil War, and you see a very close relationship between sports and gambling. Baseball really got going as a professional sport because gamblers really found it to be an attractive venue as an alternative to betting on the ponies.»
Author: Dick Davies
«In Detroit, there is a focus on how things used to be. In Indianapolis, there's probably an optimism about what the world will be.»
Author: Ned Hill
«he was himself, with all the quirks that a human being has.»
Author: Billy Wilder
«It was the comprehensive, systematic approach to addressing a medical challenge which everybody thought was impossible.»
Author: Bill Frist
«You did the right thing by offering to resign, ... I'd like you to know that there's at least one member of Congress who is not going to rationalize the innocent deaths of two dozen children.»
Author: John Conyers