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It is sometimes difficult to be inspired when trying to write a persuasive essay, book report or thoughtful research paper. Often of times, it is hard to find words that best describe your ideas. Paper-Research now provides a database of over 150,000 quotations and proverbs from the famous inventors, philosophers, sportsmen, artists, celebrities, business people, and authors that are aimed to enrich and strengthen your essay, term paper, book report, thesis or research paper.

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«Maybe if I get off the road and stop playing with punk rock bands, there'll be a lot more records. It would probably involve me getting out of the conventional music business as we know it and heading more towards a self-sufficient, self-structured release-type thing. I wouldn't expect a regular label to keep up with the amount of stuff that I've got, or the amount of stuff I would have if I could just sit in a room and just write music.»
Author: Bob Mould
«You said what are on other people's minds. We are hearing what we expected to hear.»
Author: John Howell
«Then they literally ran with me to the pre-op and then on to surgery.»
Author: Patricia Long
«Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people. For this reason, a research scientist will hardly be inclined to believe that events could b»
«Covetousness is the greatest of monsters, as well as the root of all evil.»