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It is sometimes difficult to be inspired when trying to write a persuasive essay, book report or thoughtful research paper. Often of times, it is hard to find words that best describe your ideas. Paper-Research now provides a database of over 150,000 quotations and proverbs from the famous inventors, philosophers, sportsmen, artists, celebrities, business people, and authors that are aimed to enrich and strengthen your essay, term paper, book report, thesis or research paper.

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«We really enjoy coming out here, not so much to make money but to socialize and interact with everybody.»
Author: Celeste Brown
«As a community bank we need to offer our customers a level of service that the large chain banks just can't seem to provide. That means we staff all of our offices with local lenders who have loan approval authority for faster service. We place a high importance on the little things like returning phone calls promptly and having documents ready on time. We put a lot of effort into teaching our employees the profession of banking so that they can properly answer your questions. We also have a great deal of respect for the traditional coastal businesses like fishing, logging and tourism and look for ways to help make them successful.»
«I'm humbled and honored to be the head coach at the University of Northern Iowa. The excitement level for Panther basketball is at an all-time high and I look forward to continuing the growth of our program. With the players we have returning and the current recruiting class, I know we have the pieces in place to be successful.»
Author: Ben Jacobson
«The rate argument is coming back in a very forceful manner.»
Author: David Mozina
«Virtue survives the grave.»
Author: Motto