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3 Areas Where iPad Can be Useful in College

Social networking has changed pretty much everything! There is no doubt that the Internet has been before and after including in the field of education, where libraries are being replaced or supplemented by the Wikipedia (or “corner of the vague” and where distance learning seems to have a bright future. So, what role mobile devices can play in education?

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Back to School: 10 Indispensable Tips For Students

Back to school is not as bad as it may appear. Whenever students are back from vacation they feel somehow annoyed. However, this should not be a shocking moment involving suffering and agony.

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Not Facebook: Social Networking in College

Believe it or not, social networking is not something new, and in fact, it is not something that started with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or the host of others that are available. Social networking has been a phenomenon that has existed since people have had the ability to interact with each other – this means it has been around forever.

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