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GCSE Coursework – 6 Great Tips

The impression that everyone is splitting up the GCSE papers into two sections – coursework and examinations, that it allows students to do better as the grades are distributed over the two sections. There are also students who think that handling the GCSE coursework component is easier than handling the examinations component, however at the end of the day, this depends on whether you are equipped to do the coursework well.

In order for this to be the case, and for you to achieve the highest possible grades for the coursework allocation, there are several tips that you may find useful.

1. The first is that you read the coursework information sheet in detail. This includes understanding what your tasks are and what the specific work that needs to be done. There are usually guidelines on the amount of time you will require, and the number of words that your work should produce and you must note these.

2. While it seems that everyone does their coursework at the last minute, this is really not the case for students who want to prop up their grades with coursework. You will need to plan and distribute your work over the time available. To do this effectively, topic selection is critical. This will allow you to begin the process of collecting the relevant information to write the coursework as well as plan the sequence of discussion.

3. A good way to do this is to create an essay outline, which includes the main sub areas that require discussion and the sequence by which you want to arrange this discussion. While research may not be your cup of tea, the reality is that you will need to do some serious reading on the specific topic to understand what is required to answer the specific question. The shortcut to doing this is to identify the specific keywords that will form the primary part of your research, and then the context in which the keywords are used, which will give you the angle in which to write the coursework.

4. Always remember that in order to write a well-researched paper, your research content must be systematically organized. You can do this by arranging your research either by specific sub topic that will form part of your coursework or by the specific references that you refer to.

5. If there is a practical component, you will need to ensure that this is completed and that the relevant data is collated properly for the purposes of your coursework. You will not be able to save this for the last minute, as it can affect the quality of your coursework writing.

6. Finally, before you start writing, try to understand how the examiner will allocate grades for the different components of the coursework. This will also contribute to the sequence of your discussion, and you will be able to understand what needs to be emphasized in order to complete the relevant work.

Have you done GCSE coursework before? What tips and tricks did you use to help you complete your coursework in the past? Did you find it difficult to do this? Go ahead and share your both positive as well as negative experience, and even tips on how to do this.

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