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Monthly Archives: October 2011

How to Celebrate Halloween on Campus

Halloween is a fun and exciting occasion. There are many ways to celebrate Halloween on campus. Students tend to go crazy about it, they simply love it! This is a great way to even miss class. Yet, there are ways to attend school and still enjoy it. Instead of skipping classes, suggest teachers to opt for fun games and or a very different dynamic.

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Benefits of Using Book Report Examples

Book reports are just like essays. They are either argumentative, expository, poetic or critical, have a global structure internally. Thus, its operationalization is necessary, through an outline or chart that will help us guide its development. Many examples will allow us the management of these structures.

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3 Areas Where iPad Can be Useful in College

Social networking has changed pretty much everything! There is no doubt that the Internet has been before and after including in the field of education, where libraries are being replaced or supplemented by the Wikipedia (or “corner of the vague” and where distance learning seems to have a bright future. So, what role mobile devices can play in education?

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7 Important Thesis Hooks to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Writing a thesis can be a nightmare, and a lot of the time, the hesitation comes from the amount of research that is required in order to ensure that the content is powerful and serves its specific purpose.

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